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Your dark, unused, and maybe even wet basement can be transformed by Paint It Right into a cozy, aesthetically pleasing addition to your home or place of business. Just give us a call, and our team will have your basement painted in the design and color of your choice using our well-known painting skills. Call us at the number above if you have any questions regarding our basement painting service. We'd be happy to go through the process and the advantages it has to offer. The contact form on our website also allows you to get in touch with us.

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Difference Between Painting Your Basement To Other Rooms

Painting a basement poses distinct challenges than painting other rooms in a home or company because basement walls are foundation walls and they tend to let a lot more moisture and humidity into the basement. This cannot be avoided because the walls are underground, but it must be handled cautiously. We use primer and breathable, moisture-resistant paint to achieve this. To find out more about things to consider while painting your basement, give us a call right now.

Basement Preparation

Our team will thoroughly prepare your basement before we start painting in order to get the best finish. To get rid of any dirt, dust, mildew, or mold, we'll give your basement walls a thorough cleaning using bleach and warm water. A primer and two coats of breathable, moisture-resistant paint will be applied when this step is complete and we are pleased with the condition of the surfaces. Each coat will be given time to dry in between applications. Call us at the given number to find out more about how we prepare and paint basements.

Free Estimate

Our Basement service is reasonably and sensibly priced, just like all of our other effective painting services. Therefore, please get in touch with us right away if you believe we can help you in Santa Clara County or the surrounding areas. We are confident that the costs will be more than reasonable. Call us at the above number right away and describe your basements in detail, including their size and present condition, so that our professionals can give you a free estimate for a new paint job that will make you want to live there.

How Our Basement Service Works

The process is straightforward: you get in touch with us, let us know that your basement needs to be painted, we give you a free, reasonable estimate to paint it in the color and style of your choosing, you accept the costs, and we set up a time and day that works for you for us to do the job. When our skilled team finishes painting your basement, you will have a high-quality finish that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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